Terra Delle Sidhe – Your enchanting home in Tuscany 

Welcome to Terra delle Sidhe, a name derived from the profound experience of a unique and enchanting forest, the land of the Sidhe, the name given to the fairies in ancient Gaelic.


A sacred nest that protects and shelters endless beings, immersed in a magical forest of chestnut trees emerging from magnificent volcanic rocks sculpted by time and the scars of Etruscan culture, as old as wise.


It is a land of light and contrasts, deep into the heart of this forest is an experience for the senses: animals like the porcupine, deer, wild boar and yew, as well as a myriad of songbirds and small prey that colour and surprise at every step, not to mention the sunsets and nights flooded with stars and mysterious sounds from another time.


Lush natural beauty, countless flowers, small fruits and mushrooms all with intoxicating aromas and unique tastes, touches the soul of those who venture into the heart of this magical kingdom.


Reality and fantasy merge at every moment and the magic is revealed to those who believe in dreams and are lovers of life in its most pure and divine form.

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