The Area

In this region, one of the most natural of Italy around Mount Amiata, dormant volcano for thousands of years ago, there are concentrated 31 natural, a big natural park and five wildlife parks.


On its slopes there are important springs of sulfur and calcium bicarbonate, the most famous for its therapeutic hot springs are those of Saturnia, San Filippo, Bagno Vignoni and Petriolo, not forgetting the Natural Park of Maremma, unique for its extraordinary beaches and turquoise sea, just 45 minutes from our farm.


Only in the province of Grosseto are reported more than 420 monuments, including ancient abbeys, cathedrals and basilicas, medieval villages, towers, walls and castles, ancient churches, monasteries and villas, museums and archaeological sites.

The Bio Farm

Terra delle Sidhe is a small organic farm located in southern Tuscany overlooking a beautiful valley located on the slopes of Monte Amiata, between the medieval towns of Castel del Piano and Seggiano.


The landscape has the peculiarity of a typical natural forest and the diversified productivity typical of organic farms.


The estate is spread over three acres of chestnut trees, IGP marroniAmiata, a precious olive variety of DOP Olivastra Seggianese and cherry trees over a hundred years old.


A rich variety of fruit trees, medicinal plants, a biodynamic garden, chestnut flour, extra virgin olive oil, natural soaps, delicious teas and jams complete the range of organic products produced on our farm.

The Family

Terra delle Sidhe is home to human and animal friends alike. Luisa, a nurse turned farmer, came here from Spain over 10 years ago, joined by an ever-growing number of animal companions.


Aamir, Rita and Candela are your canine welcome committee upon arrival. Always seeking a loving touch, these three wonderful dogs make fast friends with anyone who comes their way.


Skizzo, Romeo and Juliet are adventurous cats who enjoy chasing lizards, napping, and purring in your arms.


The chickens produce lovely organic eggs, and provide a dash of color as they strut about the farm. Please make sure your organic kitchen waste goes to them so the circle of gifts continues.


Feel free to spend time with our animal family!